IKQ Percussion

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We carry all types and styles of music. For Percussion, Hand Bells, Concert Band, Brass Quintet and small Groups.


stickendz are designed to slide over the butt ends of your sticks. 

-They are great for cymbal rolls, soft tom sounds effects on cymbals  and anything else you can think of! you can slide down the shaft a bit for a better grip on the stick. 

-Flip your sticks over to use as quiet practice tips.

-Better than combo sticks. if those sticks break, you must buy a new pair!

-Better than tapes or wraps.  when they wear off you must keep buying more tape!

-These stikqendz pull off and transfer from old to new! but a couple of pair to put on ALL your sticks

$2.00/pr $1 S&H --- 3 Pair/ $5.00 $1.50 S&H


email ikqpercussion@yahoo.com for info and orders